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Casa Duna is an extraordinary villa in an enchanting location. In the winter months, November through March, La Ventana is, according to many, the best and safest place in the world to kiteboard and windsurf -- whether you are a beginner or professional. Enjoy the fishing, bird-watching, scuba diving, spear-fishing, swimming, kayaking, stand up paddling, biking, beauty, and serenity.


We are an easy drive of just under two hours from the San Jose de Cabo (Los Cabos) airport, or just 45 minutes from the La Paz airport. Enjoy a beautiful, safe and swimmable beach -- most in Los Cabos are NOT. La Ventana has a great location, activities and adventure, with an unspoiled Mexican ambiance unmatched anywhere in Los Cabos, and perhaps all of Baja, and yet with every luxury available -- and at a much lower price compared to Los Cabos.





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